Beware! Did You Have a ‘Jamtara’ Moment

Exposure to cyber-world has led us to face the cyber-underworld too. Can we save ourselves from it ?

You may have guessed what we are talking about here! The Netflix series gave us a good insight into what this means.

Yes, cyber-fraud, hacking, online banking frauds, or any synonym you may wish to add to the list. The new nomenclature is adding on to our dictionary along with our ever-growing presence on digital platforms. More and more usage of internet and dependency on digital banking in recent times has seen the population on the other side of the coin, the hackers, spammers and fraudsters also growing multifold. Be it a common person making the transaction on digital wallets, or an online seller taking payments through online modes, many are becoming prey to the network of cyber frauds.

We all may have by now heard stories from our friends or dear ones on how they have been duped on by some cyber fraud for a small sum or large. Befooling people stating their credit card is blocked or false offers of awards and lotteries is similar to the phishing emails we all get on our emails.

Many of these incidents happen when you are selling something. You may be selling your products or upcycling your furniture, these scams are common. A prospective buyer contacts you and tells you to share your digi-wallet QR code to pay. Before you know it, they have hacked through your wallet and extracted a big chunk of your account balance. It is riskier when your wallets are connected with your bank accounts and direct debits to your bank is done.

In one such incident narrated by a WhatsApp seller, very often these ‘supposedly’ buyers have similar profile pictures of, sadly, men in uniform. It is unfortunate that these scamsters are impersonating as the most trustworthy lot of people and looting people.

There have been incidents where the fraudsters call as your bank representatives and ask for your KYC. With people not stepping out of homes in pandemic, they convince that doing it over the call is acceptable and they get all details from you. They might even ask you to install an app through which they claim to get your details filled in. But it rather is just an app to hack your phone.

Age is no bar as a victim. We may feel that maybe seniors are more vulnerable as they are not conversant with the digital context, the millennials with their footprints spread all over the internet are prime suspects too.

If till now one has not been vigilant, it is now a time to surely up your ante to any such messages or calls you may receive. Make sure your passwords or OTPs are never shared with anyone.

Watch the video to hear what experts say about Digital Safety and Hygience

In case anyone becomes prey to any kind of digital fraud or cybercrime, do not wait to immediately report the same at your nearest police station or contact the Cyber Crime Cell

Cyber Crime and Technical Investigation Cell,
Joint Commissioner of Police
Old S.P. Office Complex, Civil Lines, Gurgaon
Phone number: 0124-2311033

Other useful resources:
Cyber Crime Reporting Support no. +91 8595192662

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