Biz+ Club Brings More Outreach Opportunities for Businesses

More Independence for Businesses and Entrepreneurs to market and showcase themselves.

Gurgaon Community Circle, an Online Community with tons of Gurgaon businesses has launched BiZ+ Club, an exclusive membership club for Businesses and Entrepreneurs to ease their outreach to the potential customer base within the community.

This outreach opportunity will provide the members with a 3-tier membership which will allow them for direct and easy promotions within the online community, priority pass to the online and offline events of the community and space for showcasing their services and products. The members can also collaborate with the community for events or on other digital platforms to expand their target customer audience.

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Introduction to BiZ+ Club

The three-level membership; Silver membership for 3 months; Gold membership for 6 months; and Diamond membership for 12 months, brings added benefits in each level going up the ladder.

You have to Sign Up and Pay the required membership registration fee to avail of the exclusive promotional space.



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