12 Point Care for Diabetic and Hypertensive Patients during Coronavirus

Coronavirus pandemic has gripped the world spreading its devil impact over millions of people. The viral infection may make a less impact on a young and healthy body, but may impact severely on a low immunity person or one having a pre-existing condition like diabetes or hypertension.

It has been seen in the global statistics and researches that the conditions may become critical or convert into mortality more in case of high these diabetic and hypertensive patients.

To share awareness and answer to many such questions arising from people, Gurgaon Community Circle conducted a talk with Dr. Seema Shahi, General Physician.

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Dr. Seema shared with us that diabetic and hypertensive patients and elderly or suffering from other comorbidity like asthma or cancer are more vulnerable to contact coronavirus. This is mostly as their immune system is already compromised due to pre-existing conditions.

Key take-aways from the conversation were:

  1. Close monitoring of blood glucose levels 3-4 times a day for diabetics.
  2. Regular monitoring of blood pressure min 2 times a day for hypertensives.
  3. High hydration.
  4. Regular intake of prescribed medicines.
  5. Keep stock of medicines, glucometer, BP monitor, insulin, syringes urine ketone dipsticks, etc.
  6. Immediate tele-consult with a physician if any symptom like cough, cold, fever, body ache or muscle ache develops.
  7. Watch out for warning signs for chronic patients like shortness of breath to move them to hospitals.
  8. Take nutritious healthy diet with low carbohydrates and low sugars for diabetics and low salts for hypertensives
  9. Practice physical exercise, yoga and regular routines for stress-free mind.
  10. Avoid drugs which contain ibuprofen.
  11. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) not to be taken as a precautionary medicine by the general public or without prescription from a physician.
  12. Anti-oxidants and vitamin supplements for vitamin B complex, vitamin C and vitamin D may be taken regularly.

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Dr. Seema Shahi
General Physician MBBS, DNB
Expert in Diabetes, Hypertension, Respiratory disorders and other chronic diseases
Contact +91 9350682849

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