Covid Recoverer Should Turn Covid Hero by Plasma Donation – An Appeal

We are all currently reeling under the shattering impact and turbulent wave of covid all around us with everyone struggling to save the lives of their loved ones or trying to help others. The pandemonium may very well be redefining the Darwin’s Law of Survival.

In the middle of this, many have come under the claws of the virus but won their battle victoriously and now regained their throne of life. It is time that these survivors now wear the crown of heroes by donating their antibodies loaded plasma to save the lives of others who are still in the middle of their battle against the C virus.

It is an appeal for such brave hearts to come and be the saviors.

Convalescent Plasma Therapy was approved by ICMR, India in 2020 to be effectively used for treatment of covid patients for quicker response of body fighting against the virus and for better recovery of patients.

Gurgaon City has been fortunate to have its District Administration Gurugram set up a special Plasma Donation Blood Bank in July 2020 which is facilitated by Rotary Blood Bank Gurugram and supported by Red Cross Society, Canwinn Foundation and Lions Club Gurgaon. At the inception of this Plasma facility, during a live talk with Dr. Virender Yadav, Chief Medical Officer, District Administration Gurugram, he explained what are the benefits of this therapy and how to go about it

WATCH LIVE TALK with Dr. Virender Yadav, Chief Medical Officer, District Administration Gurugramon Plasma Therapy & Plasma Bank Gurugram for COVID Treatment (dated 26 September, 2020)

Plasma Bank:
Rotary Blood Bank Gurugram, Pataudi Road, Kadipur, Sector 10-A, Gurugram
0124-2320982, 2303982, 9599089982, 9999950809



 1. What is Convalescent Plasma?

When a person contracts novel-coronavirus COVID-19, his/her immune system produces antibodies to fight the virus. These antibodies are found in Plasma which is the liquid part of the blood. Plasma containing these infection-fighting antibodies is called “Convalescent Plasma.”

Through a Blood Donation process, some of this antibody-rich plasma can be collected from a recovered person and transfused to a COVID Patient who is critically fighting against the virus. This provides an immediate boost to the immune system of the sick patient and helps in speeding up the recovery process.

2. Who is eligible to donate Convalescent Plasma?

a) Male

b) Nulliparous Female (i.e. female who has never been pregnant).

c) Age: 18 to 60 Years

d) Weight: >55Kg

e) Haemoglobin: >12.5 gm/dl

f) Prior symptomatic diagnosis of COVID-19 documented by a Laboratory (RT-PCR) test.

g) Complete recovery from COVID-19 and symptoms confirmed with a RT-PCR test minimum of 14 days prior to donation.

3. Can Women Donate Convalescent Plasma?

Only Nulliparous Women (i.e. Women who have never given birth to a Child/ who have had any
Miscarriage / Abortion) can donate their Plasma.

4. Can I donate Plasma if I am a taking High Blood Pressure Medicines?

Yes, you can donate Plasma if your Blood Pressure is within 100/60 –140/90 mm Hg.

5. Can I donate Plasma if I am a Diabetic?

Yes, you can donate Plasma if you are not on Insulin and your Blood Sugar Levels are controlled.

6. What preparation is needed before donating Plasma?

a) Proper sleep

b) Drinking adequate quantity of fluids

c) Proper meal at least 2 hours before the donation

d) Not taking any Medicines/ Alcohol for at least 3 days

e) No smoking at least 1 hour before donation

7. What is the Procedure of Donating COVID Plasma?

a) The donor needs to show their medical records including COVID Positive & Negative RT- PCR Reports.

b) COVID Plasma Donor has to fill a Registration Form and provide written consent for Voluntary (Non-Remunerated) COVID Plasma Donation.

c) Medical Screening & General Physical Examination is done by a Medical Officer.

d) Blood Samples are taken for the following Tests:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Total Plasma Proteins
  • Anti-SARS-CoV2-IgG Antibody
  • Transfusion Transmissible Infections (TTI): HIV I &II, Hepatitis B (HbsAg), Hepatitis C (HCV), Syphilis & Malaria

e) Only after the donor clears all eligibility, he/she will be allowed for plasma donation

Your Plasma will be collected by Apheresis Technique in which only Plasma will be taken out and

rest of the Blood will be transferred back into your body simultaneously. This is performed on a Fully

Automated Apheresis Machine as per ICMR Guidelines.

f) Plasma is harvested on a Cell Separator Equipment

Convalescent Plasma Donation is a simple process in which only one Component of Blood called

Plasma is donated. The remaining Blood is returned to the Blood Donor’s body.

Donor is provided Souvenir and light Refreshment

Note: “The whole procedure takes about 2 hours”

8. Are there any side effects of donating Convalescent Plasma?

There are no major side effects after Plasma donation. Full recovery takes place within 48 hours.

9. Will I feel weak after donating Convalescent Plasma?

No, Not at all. You need to consume adequate amount of fluids to rehydrate yourself.

10. Is it a safe procedure and how much time does it take?

Yes, Plasma Donation is a totally safe procedure. It takes around 2 hours for the whole process to


11. Is there any risk of infection due to Plasma donation?

Absolutely not. The Plasma Donation Procedure is performed on a fully automated state-of-the-art

machine as per WHO and ICMR guidelines. All sterility precautions are followed very strictly. All the

Kits and consumables used are fresh, absolutely sterile and meant for Single Use (Discarded after

every procedure). Technical Staff wears all the required PPEs while performing the procedure.

12. Will my Immunity decrease or will I have any risk of getting infected again by Corona Virus due to Plasma Donation?

Absolutely Not, Plasma Donation has no negative effect at all on your body’s immune defense

system. Your Immune System has developed Memory Cells which will rapidly make new antibodies

as soon as Corona Virus tries to re-infect you. Donating Plasma does not decrease your COVID

Antibodies levels.

13. Where and how often Convalescent Plasma can be donated?

Convalescent Plasma can only be donated at a designated Blood Bank approved by ICMR and DCGI.

After 15 days of Convalescent Plasma Donation, donor can again donate plasma.

14. Is it beneficial to treat a COVID Patient with Convalescent Plasma?

Yes, transfusion of 200 ml of Convalescent Plasma into a patient who has moderate symptoms of

Covid-19 has been observed to improve the clinical condition of the patient. This therapy is approved as an Off-Label Medicine by WHO, ICMR and DCGI.

15. Which patients can be chosen for treatment with Convalescent Plasma?

Patients who have tested positive for RT-PCR, over 18 years of age, have a Respiratory Rate of more

than 24 per minute, have less than 93% oxygen in the Blood and having same Blood Group as of

Donor can be treated with COVID Convalescent Plasma as per the decision of the treating doctor.

16. What are the Do’s and Don’ts after Plasma Donations?


a) Consume a lot of fluids;

b) Consume Calcium-rich food for a week for eg Milk, Cheese and Dairy Products, Green Leafy

Vegetables, Soya Drinks with added Calcium etc.


a) Don’t consume Citrus Fruits or Fruit Juice eg Lemon, Grapes, Mausmi, Orange etc. for 2 days.

b) Don’t consume Vinegar containing food items eg Pickles, Vinegar Onions etc. for 2 days.

c) Don’t lift heavy weights with the arm from which the Plasma has been taken for 2 to 3 days.

d) Don’t do heavy exercise for 2 to 3 days.

e) No Smoking for at least 1 hour after donation

f) No Alcohol for at least 6 hours after donation

(A complete list of Do’s and Don’ts will be handed over to the donors at Blood Bank)

(Source: FAQs_ Convalescent Plasma Donation issued by District Administration Gurugram) 

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