Get High Security Licence Plate for your vehicle to avoid heavy fines

Gurgaon Vehicle Owners get the High Security Registration Plate by online process and at Regional Transport Office located at Mini Secretariat, Gurugram


Gurgaon Vehicle Owners get the High Security Registration Plate by online registration process and also at Regional Transport Office located at Mini Secretariat, Gurugram.

Gurgaon Traffic Police and Regional Transport Authority strictly enforce Rule 50 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 which specifies standardised Vehicle Registration plates across India. The design and features of the registration plates specific to different types of vehicles are defined in this Rule.

It is MANDATORY for all vehicles to have high security licence plates.
Haryana Transport Department and Delhi NCR transport follow strict enforcement since October 2018 and any vehicle on road without HSRP can be heavily challaned for non-compliance.
This had been done to minimise cases of vehicle theft as the HSRP helps in easier tracking of lost vehicles due to its inbuilt features like chromium based hologram, laser etched code or tamper proof snap locks.
Even though Supreme Court order of 2012 required all states and union territories to follow enforcement of the rule, a strict implementation has started from 2018.

New Vehicles

When you buy a new vehicle in Gurgaon, your dealer will get all documentation ready for vehicle registration and request for new licence plate. The new licence plates for all vehicles sold after April 2018 by default get a high security registration plate issued by the Transport Authority.

You can easily check status of your HSRP online which will show the date and collection centre address where you can go to collect the plate.

Click here to know about Vehicle Registration process

Existing Vehicles

If you are running any vehicle or buying a pre-owned vehicle, it is required that you change your vehicle licence plates at the earliest.
For Vehicles registered in Gurgaon, Place your order online for High Security Registration Plates. These can be collected from the authorised centres in 15-20 days.

Link Utsav Collection Centres in Gurgaon
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Online tracking for status can be done and licence plate can be picked from the centre easily

Many localities and societies also conduct regular drives in collaboration with RTO to enable registration for high security registration plate for vehicles. It could be helpful to check with your local RWAs or municipal councillor for recent updates in your neighbourhood.

If your vehicle does not have a High Security Registration Plate you can be fined Rs. 500 for non-compliance. So its better to be safe than sorry. Do not delay getting your High Security Registration Plate.

External Links:
Government of Haryana Transport Department Regulatory Wing (Official Website)
Link Utsav Registration Plates Pvt. Ltd (Official Website)

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27 thoughts on “Get High Security Licence Plate for your vehicle to avoid heavy fines

  1. The site is not working
    No of Mr Dinesh 98188 61844 not responding to call

    Another no of State concerned Mr Aftaf
    99718 75524 is also not responding

    Very poor system

  2. Can you guide where this location is. I have been asked thru online portal to go there to get the hsrp plate fixed, after I booked and paid on line.
    “ Gail number 3, Shanti Nagar, Beriwala Bagh, Rajiv Chowk, Gurgaon 122001”

    Cannot find the place on GPS , or google map.
    No name of the shop is given, nor any contact number etc.
    Please give landmark and directions if you are in knowledge of this place.
    Thank you.

  3. While entering the details of my vehicle (HR26) it is showing “Maker not found” how could I fix the same..I am not able to proceed in online booking.please help

  4. ,kidly provide me any telephone no for hsrp because site to book hsrp not working for last 10 days or any website

  5. The website has been non function since forever. At least the Delhi and UP portal is function. This just goes to show poor state of affairs at the transport department at Haryana. My worry is that fines have already started in Delhi. With the cops being equally unwilling to understand the situation it will be really bad if you get fined for Rs. 5500.

    1. toll free number not working. When calling to toll free they are telling unable to get the order number and please try after some time. Receipt generated through doesn’t contain the contact persona name, mobile number, shop number. How would anyone go to some place and get the plate installed. Pathetic infra and only monetizing from this bullshit rule hsrp, color code, fats tag, toll free access etc.

  6. On line Site is not working for getting No. high security plate
    Gurgaon SDM-1, Officer not picking the phone
    How can we collect our high security plate

  7. None of the links for your online order of HSRP work. Poor government at work. Sad State of affairs

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