Be Prepared to Home Isolate for Mild Coronavirus Symptoms


As India stepped to go into the next phase of Lockdown 5.0 aka UnLock 1.0 from 1st June 2020, District Administration Gurugram is preparing itself to care and support the surge in Covid-19 positive cases. Home Isolation is soon making its way as the preferred course to recovery. It is time we assess our readiness to quarantine ourselves if required.

In the last week of May 2020, just before Unlock 1.0, the numbers of coronavirus infected cases in Gurgaon rose to over 700. Ever since every day end health report shows a huge spike in number of cases and its widespread impact. District Administration has been working on establishing more support at hospitals and preparedness for critical cases. While Medeor Hospital, Manesar, ESI Hospital Sector 9A and SGT Medical College and Research Institute, Budhera are dedicated COVID hospitals in Gurugram, all other hospitals across the district also have clear orders to accept COVID patients and provide all necessary care for their recovery.

In line with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Guidelines issued on May 10 for home isolation of mild/pre-symptomatic Covid-19 cases, Gurugram Administration presses upon the need for all asymptomatic/ mildly symptomatic patients to have care with home isolation unless their condition turns severe and needs intensive care at hospitals. In regards to this District Administration has issued instruction what patients and their family or caretakers must follow.

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Any person showing any symptoms of Covid-19 is advised to contact any of the medical teams or hospitals or covid-testing labs and get themselves tested. Toll-free Doctor Helpline has also been set up for medical assistance and consultations during the day 9am to 9pm. Patients can now easily check their test results online on GMDA website.

In case of low-risk patients with mild or no symptoms, health officials may assess home conditions to allow home isolation and may take an undertaking from the patient for self-isolation and self-monitoring. A poster stating ‘Home under Quarantine’ may also be put on the residence. Sanitisation of the house and its surrounding may also be done.

A covid-positive patient with no or mild symptoms must have adequate self-isolation and care facility at home with separate room and toilet and must ensure minimal chance of infection to other members of the family who also will be required to be quarantined for the same period. Medical advise, self-monitoring of health and hygienic care is required for the patient. Round-the-clock active Aarogya Setu app is a must for the patient and their one dedicated caretaker. Any deviation in the health of the patient becoming worse should be immediately reported to doctors or at District Helpline portals.

In case asymptomatic/mildly symptomatic COVID +ve patients are unable to completely isolate themselves at home, dedicated Paid Isolation facilities at hotels and guest houses have also been listed where suitable care can be given to avoid the spread of infection to their close family members. The list has been shared through DC Gurugram social media handles with subsidised daily stay charges which include the cost of three meals every day.

Few hotels have been converted as Govt.-paid Isolation Centres for patients who cannot afford to pay much for the long stay quarantine.

To help citizens prepare themselves better for any possible adverse situation, FAQs for Positive Patients and Quarantine has also been made available in English and Hindi languages on the public cloud platform of District Administration Gurugram.

A few private hospitals are also offering home isolation care packages for supporting the affected families to take the best possible care for the earliest recovery. One can opt to buy such packages for complete medical support.

With proper care and medications as prescribed by doctors, patient with mild symptoms should be on road to recovery in 8-10 days. In case symptoms worsen at any time, it would be advised to them admit the patient to dedicated covid hospitals or any other general or private hospital in the city.

Emergency services from Private Hospitals or Private Ambulance can be called to move the patient from home to medical facility.
List of Top hospitals with Ambulance services
List of few Private ambulance services

Read here for Detailed protocols and procedure for corona-positive patients

Dedicated Covid Hospitals in Gurugram

Medeor Hospital
Plot No. 2, Sector 5, IMT Manesar, Gurugram
0124 – 475 5555
ESIC Hospital,
769, Near Mothers Pride School, sector 9A, Gurugram
SGT Medical College & Research Institute, Budhera9911521632

All hospitals across Gurugram are also under order from district authorities to admit in any covid patient.

With our daily routines slowly getting to usual and movement outside our homes increasing, we all must ensure to be cautious and employ all possible precautions at every step to prevent ourselves from the deadly disease. Staying at home should still be practised as much as possible and social interactions should be kept at minimal. With the lack of vaccine available till date, we need to trust our medical professionals to care and support us to treat us to a speedy recovery from the infection, if any chance we contact it. Till then Stay Safe and adopt the mantra ‘Be Cautious and Don’t Panic’.

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