6 Steps You Must Take if You Have Covid-19

India went on a complete war-footing with the complete country going on lockdown since March 2020 to fight against the deadly new global pandemic caused by Novel Coronavirus or commonly known now as Covid-19. After almost two months of nationwide lockdown, as we are stepping into Unlock, the community spread in some parts of the country is happening more aggressively. Gurgaon has been badly affected in the last few weeks with a huge spike in corona-positive cases. Almost every day 150-250 new cases are coming from various parts of the city. As on 9th June 2020, Gurugram has a count of total 2329 cases in which active cases are 1677 while 643 have been discharged and there have been 9 deaths.

As per health reports from Gurugram District Chief Medical Office, while the infected cases are rising rapidly, more than 80% of cases are having mild symptoms or are asymptomatic. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Gurugram Administration guidelines encourage people to work from home as much as possible but with businesses and workplaces opening now, everyone stepping out is more vulnerable to catch the infection and bring it to their home. With our neighbouring capital city of Delhi struggling with thousands of active cases, fear grips each one of us on what if we get infected, what fate would we be having?

Safeguard Yourself

The key rules as listed in national directives for Covid management must be followed at all times
FACE COVER/MASK – Always cover your face when in public places, workplaces or during travel.
SOCIAL DISTANCING – Maintain minimum 6 feet distance with others.
HYGIENE & SANITISATION – Wash your hands frequently / Use sanitiser.


As a society we are now slowly coming to terms with the fact that coronavirus is not a very deadly infection and most people who fall sick with COVID-19 will have mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment. People with pre-existing conditions are more likely to me effected more severely than young or healthy individuals who have higher immunity levels. Everyone must maintain a health diet and physical routine to increase body immunity so that combating against the virus is easier and quicker.

We pray and hope that none of our dear ones or us come under the vicious grip of covid and no turmoil in our lives is faced by anyone. In spite of taking all precautions, it is still possible that one can get infected while out of the home and may start to experience a few symptoms. What does one do at this stage?

1. Watch out for symptoms

If you develop mild symptoms like body ache, fever, cough, sneezing etc, it is advisable to immediately ISOLATE yourself in your home and monitor the symptoms closely to avoid spread to other family members and friends. Family of such patients must also quarantine themselves at home separately till the test are not confirmed for the patient and for rest of the family.

2. Call a Physician

After monitoring your symptoms for a few hours or a day, if there is no improvement, consult your family doctor or any general physician through a telephonic or video call. In case you are not able to reach your doctor, Gurugram administration has set up District Helpline 1950 and Doctors Helpline 1800-5728283 where doctors from the team of Chief Medical Office will advise you for next course of action. (It would be advisable to not visit a doctor at a clinic or hospital as this stage).
Aarogya Setu App must be installed on your mobile and run a self assessment on it.

Important: COVID Gurgaon dashboard now carries all information related to hospitals, bed availability, testing labs, home and self-quarantine, citizen guides etc.

3. Get a Covid Test Done

If your symptoms persist for a few days, the physicians will most like give you a prescription on basis of which you can call in any of the approved laboratories or at the designated and approved hospital labs running covid tests to come and get your sample.

Mobile Testing and Drive-In testing facilities at various points is also available provided by private testing laboratories

Gurgaon is soon expected to have its own government laboratory at Civil Hospital which will enable about 1000+ tests to be conducted locally with minimum report time.

While waiting for the test results, continue to monitor your body temperature, pulse, blood pressure and glucose levels, if required; continue with your regular prescription medicines; and following all home isolation protocols

In any instance if you experience severity in your symptoms, please move the patient to the hospital at the earliest. Before stepping out of home check the status of hospitals and beds on Covid-Gurgaon dashboard

4. Get Your Test Results

Check and download your test results online on the GMDA website.
In case you are tested negative for coronavirus, follow doctor’s advise for your symptoms and you will recover from the any flu or infection in a few days.
In a scenario where you are corona-positive, your symptoms will decide the next step action. You must declare yourself as a covid patient to your society administration and also at District Helpline 1950.
Following a +ve result test, all other family members will also be undergoing covid testing if they are asymptomatic or symptomatic.

5 (a). Home Isolation for Mild / Very Mild Symptoms / Asymptomatic Patients

If you continue to have mild or moderate symptoms, you will be asked to Home Isolate for a minimum period of 14 days.

Read this article for all details on Protocols and Isolation procedure to be followed at home or at outside facility.

5 (b). Move to Paid Isolation Facility

In case your home does not permit an exclusive room and other facilities to isolate oneself completely for 14 days or more, the district administration has listed many hotels and guest houses as isolation facilities on patient-paid or government-paid basis. Over 800 rooms are available in these facilities for patients with mild or very mild symptoms.
If you wish to move to an outside facility, you should notify at the District Helpline 1950 and adequate arrangements will be made by authorities to move you there. A team of doctors or hospitals are aligned with each facility to monitor and track the progress of each and every patient.

6. Severe Symptomatic Patients to Hospital

Patients developing severe symptoms like shortness of breath, consistently high fever for over 7 days or high distress etc. are required to be moved to hospitals. Immediately contact your doctor in charge or any of the hospitals to move the patient urgently to critical care.

Book and check the status of hospital beds on Covid-Gurgaon dashboard

Read: How Diabetics and Hypertensive Patients need to take care during Covid

Reach to Hospitals

Gurgaon has few hospitals which are ear-marked to take in covid cases only while all other hospitals are also under district orders to admit covid positive cases as received.

Ambulance < 108 >

Emergency services from Private Hospitals or Private Ambulance can be called to move the patient from home to medical facility.
List of Top hospitals with Ambulance services
List of few Private ambulance services

Centralised call centres with increased infrastructure have been set up to attend all incoming calls to 108 or district helpline numbers for any query or distress.

Dedicated COVID Hospitals in Gurugram

Hospital & AddressEmergency no.
Medeor Hospital
Plot No. 2, Sector 5, IMT Manesar, Gurugram
0124 – 475 5555
ESIC Hospital,
769, Near Mothers Pride School, Sector 9A, Gurugram
SGT Medical College & Research Institute, Budhera0124-2278183

Other Private Hospitals which can easily admit you for complete covid treatment and care are.

Civil Hospital0124-2333100
Medanta the Medicity0124-4141414
Fortis Hospital0124 4213333
Artemis Hospital0124-4511111
Paras Hospital0124-4585555
Max Hospital0124 6623000
Colombia Asia Hospital0124-39899000
Park Hospital0124-4900000
Metro Hospital0124-4777000
Medeor Hospital0124 411 1880
Mayom Hospital0124-4111880
W.Pratisha Hospital0124-4131091
Naryana Hospital0124-6421000
Signature Hospital62628 28213
ESI Hospital9953876447
Bhanot Hospital0124-2322222

Information of availability of beds in each hospital is available on GMDA website with real-time status.

Doctors from health department will be regularly checking your medical conditions and you will be re-tested every week till you reports turn negative.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare statistics reflect that over 95% of coronavirus cases recover with mild or very mild symptoms and there is no need for critical care. Practicing precautionary behaviours and proper care and monitoring will help us to overcome this viral infection just like any other flu in no time and we will be back to our own self again.

Stay Safe, Stay Health
Be Cautious & Don’t Panic

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