Mard Ko Bhi Dard Hota Hai – A Campaign by Mansa

Mental Health is a subject yet facing taboo to talk about. For men in our society, talking about their mental state or expressing their feelings is almost a forbidden task. In recent times many are trying to break this stereotype and social stigma to express their emotions.

Mansa, a Mental Health Awareness initiative, took to the streets of Sector 15, Gurgaon at Raahgiri on Sunday, July 28th, 2019. They showcased their campaign on “Men’s Mental Health Awareness #MardKoBhiDardHotaHai ~ Boys Do Cry”.
People from all walks of life participated and appreciated the issue being highlighted in such a public platform.

Team Mansa conducted an Awareness Walk on the streets and put up a Street Play on the emotional blockages in various stages of life faced by men. They face pressures of being the breadwinner of the house or having no choice of their career. They experience gender stereotyping or being stopped from expressing. Their emotions of frustrations or aggression, etc often get stuck and ultimately affects the mental health.

Mansa team also had a Flash Mob to motivate the audience to come out and be mentally healthy. Some activities were conducted with the audience focusing on breaking the stereotype of expressing their feelings. This campaign ended on a positive note with a Poetry recitation by their team member.

About Mansa
MANSA is a volunteer group founded by Dr. Shweta Sharma (Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Columbia Asia Hospital) which aims to conduct monthly group sessions with various activities in Delhi NCR.
Their motto is “Your support and kindness can help those who suffer. Fear of not being understood makes them keep quiet and suffer for years altogether, and in some cases may even lead to suicide. So, Raise your hands for help and to help. Act like you can be trusted. Be positive, resourceful and helpful- Speak Out, Reach Out & End the Stigma.”

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