Happy Pride Colours in Gurgaon


Mansa, a Mental Health Awareness initiative, celebrated June, the “Pride Month”, with bringing centre stage a crucial topic of “Mental Health Issues among the LGBTQIA+ Community”.

Although there is acceptance legally by demolishing the IPC Section 377 in 2018, LGBTQIA community still experiences poor mental health due to prejudice, discrimination and pressure to conform in various walks of life. This was evident as it was not a cakewalk to organize the events.

With support from Gurgaon Administration and Raahgiri teamGurugram, the event took place on June 29th on Raahgiri grounds. Raahgiri has been a constant support since October 2018 when MANSA originated and began its journey.
Delhi Government officials were also very helpful for the event organized in Connaught Place, New Delhi on June 23rd, 2019.

Both the events helped to highlight the struggles, hardships and pain of the LGBTQIA+ community and what it does to their mental health. This was done by doing a Nukkad Natak showcasing different sexual orientations and their struggles in daily life including issues like bullying, discrimination at personal, social and occupational aspects of life, stigma, homelessness, neglect, relationship issues, etc. Positive Messages for the community to help them gain confidence assured that there is support for them. Open House session saw many individuals from the community stepping out to share their stories.

The events received support and were joined in large numbers by people from the LGBTQIA+ community, budding psychologists from various colleges from Delhi and Haryana as volunteers. The welcoming response from the audience ranging from our elders to young ones to listen, educate, support and respect the identity and existence of the community was very heartening. 

About Mansa
MANSA is a volunteer group founded by Dr. Shweta Sharma (Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Columbia Asia Hospital) which aims to conduct monthly group sessions with various activities in Delhi NCR.
Our motto is “Your support and kindness can help those who suffer. Fear of not being understood makes them keep quiet and suffer for years altogether, and in some cases may even lead to suicide. So, Raise your hands for help and to help. Act like you can be trusted. Be positive, resourceful and helpful- Speak Out, Reach Out & End the Stigma.”

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