Madhyam – A Musical Talent Presentation of Budding Artists


MADHYAM is an initiative taken by Dr. Aman Bathla to give back to the society, to all those who have showered him with love, affection, blessings and have motivated him to reach where he is today.

Dr. Aman Bathla, is a name now synonymous with Piano and with music. He has created history with his many world records in the field of music and won allocades and awards from people across the globe.
It has not been an easy journey for him over time to reach this stage and he well understands the path of challenges and hurdles.
Dr. Aman Bathla always had a keen desire to support and render help to those artists who, like him, are struggling during the initial stages of their careers.

MADHYAM is an initiative by Dr. Aman for all those artists who wish to pursue their passion but do not have the right means or direction to reach their goal to showcase their talent. Madhyam is open for artists from any creative field be it singing, dancing, instrument playing, comedy, poetry, acting, painting, photography, etc.

The artists are required to Register for the program and are selected through auditions and they get to perform and share the stage with Dr. Aman Bathla who is the most sought after and respected piano player in the country.

Many artists in the field of music are even trained and mentored by Dr. Aman without any charges. He has even hand-picked students from low income sections of society who showed tremendous potential to shine with their talent.

Madhyam provides a lot of visibility to the artists from large audience present during the show and on all his social media platforms, where its a genuine effort to connect them with right people. Media coverage comes by default when Dr. Aman Bathla is involved, seeking chances for a performer to get his identity marked. A shoot by a professional photographer and three angles videography can help them build their professional portfolio and further their careers at very nominal charges.

A specially curated event to showcase these artists will be held on 16 November 2019 3.00 pm at Epicentre, Sector 44, Gurgaon.
The performance by the maestro Dr. Aman will be a highlight of the show also.